My new reality … Cancer Sucks

In Cancer Sucks on July 28, 2011 at 9:18 pm

And I don’t even have it …  I already kinda knew that cancer sucks, my mother has had two bouts with it and know of a few folks  who have it too, but now my oldest daughter has it … and after almost a month of doctor appointments, endless testing and scans, and her first round of chemo it still hits me “wow, this is real, this is now my life.”

So, what I’ve learned in the past couple weeks …

  • Both my daughters are amazing little human beings.  Both have there own way of coping with this.  It’s an awful thing to try to make sense of.  My oldest has a way of reacting, compartmentalizing, and then being her normal cheery self.
  • There are astoundingly amazing, kind, generous people out there.
  • The accommodations that the staff at Children’s Hospital make to ensure the comfort and ease of their patients is impressive and comforting.
  • Nurses are amazing.
  • Amy & I work as a pretty good team, we’ve been hit with a ton of shocking news and information and are just dealing with it without any histrionics or going comatose and limp  …although making dinner is a struggle, but it was before this too 😉
  • Researching a disease and having knowledge going in is a huge asset when talking with doctors and your oncology team.  My mother’s fight with inflammatory breast cancer gave me a lot of knowledge and the lingo that really helped me understand what the oncologists where talking about and gave us the name of a drug that should really help my daughter daughter with side-effects.
  • The Turkey BLT sandwich at the Au Bon Pain at Children’s Hospital is delightful.
  • Invest in Purell, they have the hand-santizing market cornered in hospitals.
  • The free wifi at the Children’s Hospital is astoundingly easy to access for both smart-phones and laptops …and has amazing bandwidth, Netflix, YouTube, no problem.  So we don’t have to rely on the hospital TV and can stream iCarly as needed.
  • Commuting back and forth into Boston on a daily basis, not delightful … really didn’t need to confirm this, was pretty sure about this already.

But It’s all totally weird that I know these things now and I really really wish I didn’t have to know any of this and the list of knowledge is growing (wanna know about hospital parking decks in the Longwood area?)  … Now I’m one of those parents with a child with cancer and that just so totally sucks … but, it’s my new reality.