Best Browser ever!? Google Chrome

In STT on March 13, 2009 at 2:18 pm

OK, so there is one piece of software that my office Mac can’t use yet that makes me jealous of Windows users … shocking I know!

It’s Google’s Chrome browser and it only works on Windows XP and Vista for now …

It’s fast, it is very very very fast!!!

And it seems to work fine on ye olde Windows XP boxes like I have at home, it almost makes that old Dell seem as fast as my work Mac … almost …

But, There are a few things to get use to in this browser:

  • tabs on on the very top of the browser instead of below the menus like in Firefox and IE
  • the menus are off to the right side (File, Print, Bookmarks, etc.)
  • the URL address window is also the Google search window
  • the home page defaults to a gallery of your most used pages (you can set your own homepage too).  At first I thought this was a goofy feature, but now I’m totally sold on it.  You get up to 9 little screen shots, and clicking on one will take you right to that page. It is very very convenient!  Safari 4 now does the same thing and Firefox has an add-on called Showcase that mimics this too.
  • Google has a nice set of short feature videos you can watch here.

Run! Don’t walk, to your nearest internet connection and download it today!

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