Quick Info on Gaming 4 Libraries

In STT on October 14, 2009 at 2:46 pm

A little something I whipped up for the 2009 NELA Annual Conference this weekend in Hartford, CT.  I get the pleasure of being one of the helper hosts in the Information Technology Section’s 2nd Annual Game Room.

Buying Games and Equipment
Game Stop
Goto Store Locator to find store nearest you

  • They sell all consoles and games & accessories for those systems (Wii, PlayStation, Xbox, DS, PSP)
  • They also sell USED games and equipment – take advantage of this and stretch your budget!
  • They take trade-ins, when your patrons stop using a game trade it in for something new!

Online Bibliography
Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki

Goto: Programming / Gaming

Pew Internet & American Life Project –
Very good non-partisan source for data and trends on all aspects of how American use the internet and their computers.  Applicable studies listed below.
: Or search site with keyword: gaming.

  • Major new study shatters stereotypes about teens & video games.
  • Teens, Video Games, and Civics.
  • Let the games begin: Gaming technology and college students
  • Adults and Video Games.

Entertainment Software Association
Video game industry professional organization.  Promotes video gaming as well as is responsible for rating video games (ESRB).

Book Bibliography
Game On!  Gaming at the Library / Beth Gallaway

Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc., 2009.

Gaming in Academic Libraries: Collections, Marketing, & Information Literacy  / Amy Harris & Scott E. Rice (Editors)
Association of College & Research Libraries, 2008

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