I'm in print! And a handy WiFi tip you already know.

In STT on May 14, 2010 at 10:28 pm

I got a letter to the editor printed in the May issue of MacWorld magazine.  It was in response to an article about wifi hotspots and free ways to get online.  They suggested McDonald’sI suggested you get online for FREE at your local public library!

Find the original article here:
How to Get Online from Anywhere.
Glenn Fleishman. Macworld 27.3 (March 2010)

Find my letter to the editor here:
in print: Macworld 27.5 (May 2010): p13(1)
find it online: InfoTrac OneFile

Thanks to Greg Pronevitz for noticing the letter!  …I’d  already read that issue and hadn’t noticed myself 😉

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